I have finally posted the C source code to my 2005 album, Modern Chiptunes. I also put up lossless versions for sale on BandCamp, for £5.

If you don't know what either of those things mean, don't worry.

Sketch 2006-08-27 13 September, 2011
I am sorting through the hard drive from my old computer, and I just found this short sketch of a song. It's just a drum beat and a bass-line, done with a C program Modern Chiptunes-style.

I covered Gary Numan's song, Seed of a Lie. I am getting used to playing instruments while singing; normally when I'm recording I do everything separately.

MP3 download

Dear SRJ Limited, 17 August, 2011

cc: OFT,

I have no idea who you are, let alone what you expect me to "make a payment" for. You obviously have my email address, so if there is a "personal matter" that you need to contact me urgently about, you know how to do so. I do not make a habit of calling up people or businesses who don't talk to me but instead want me to talk to them.

If you imagine for some reason that I owe you money, please state what it is you imagine I owe and why you imagine I owe it. If you are simply soliciting for charitable donations, please cease correspondence with me.

I have included in this response, by email carbon-copy, the Office of Fair Trading.


Mr Kay

Midnight 3 August, 2011

I am in recording mode again.