Modern Chiptunes 27 July, 2005

This album was not made in a sequencer or multitrack recording program. It was made with a C compiler. I wrote programs that would create audio and write it to disk as .wav files. This is computer music at the most basic level.

I didn't really plan this out at all, I wrote it a bit at a time from beginning to end. It is basically half an hour of continuous music, split up into seperate songs at convenient places.

Live Wire was originally an improvisation with Xios (Dipesh Patel), who played a drum beat that isn't used in this version.

The album was made in two months as part of the Auld Lang Sine 2 competition.

pre-empetive FAQ

2011 Update: I finally posted lossless versions and the original C source code for the whole album. Have fun with it!

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