Lenna's Inception is an old-school dungeon-crawler game, but with some very interesting twists - it's being developed at the moment, by a friend of mine, and he's asked me to do the music for it.

In terms of graphics and gameplay, it's similar to the original Zelda games for the NES and Gameboy, but does a few things that would have been totally impossible on the hardware - most notably, the whole world is procedurally generated, meaning it's different every time you play through. That reminded me of my 2005 album, Modern Chiptunes, which was also rooted in old game music but would also have been impossible without more modern hardware. The tracks I'm making for the game are likewise produced totally with my own programs (in Python this time), using some different synthesis ideas, such as FM, which was used on the Sega Genesis.

Here's a preview track:

Lenna's Inception - Jungle Level
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