Look, I already told you - I paid BT for phone service, they never provided me with any phone service, eventually they gave me a refund because they had failed, after over 3 months, to provide me with any phone service. There was no phone service provided, so I am not giving you or BT any money. In case you didn't get the idea already, BT did not provide any phone service to me, so you aren't getting any money from me.

The reason the account numbers are different is because BT gave me different account numbers on practically every letter they sent - I have my suspicions that this was an act of fraud on BT's part, so that my account would not officially have been waiting 3 months for phone service that was never provided. As far as I know, since BT have a state-sponsored monopoly on installing phone lines, the regulator doesn't look too kindly on them taking over 3 months to install a phone line. I don't care enough to bring action against them for it, but continued harrassment by uninformed debt collection agencies is likely to provide me with more motivation.

I don't care the tiniest bit what numbers BT decide to print on their correspondence; you can see that the addresses are the same, so I must conclude that you believe I ordered two completely separate phone lines, at the same address, from BT: one which I paid for but was later refunded due to it not being provided, and then another which was provided but I didn't pay for. I can only suggest that you go back to BT and ask them if they are completely sure that they ever provided me with any telephone service.

Do not contact me again, unless you have some evidence of this mythical phone service which BT claim they provided me with.

Sincerely, and very impatiently,

-Andrew Kay

on 23 May, 2012 at 04:10, eric wrote:
holy cow man, whatever came of this?  i know collection agencies can be notoriously callous and stubborn.
on 24 May, 2012 at 23:26, Andrew Kay wrote:
They showed no sign of having read anything I sent them, I progressively insulted them more and more
right now, is writing:
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