Q: What the hell is a pre-empetive FAQ?
A: It's sort of like an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) except nobody has asked any questions yet, and I'm just replying to questions I think/fear people are going to ask.
Q: This album sucks. You suck.
A: Probably, but that isn't a question.
Q: Was Modern Chiptunes really done by C programs?
A: Yes. My programs created raw audio files (audio files with no format headers, just uncompressed data), since that's easiest to output to. I did use Creative Wave Studio to add .wav headers, and LAME to encode to MP3, but no other software was used to change or tweak the music.
Q: Can I have the source code?
A: I'm going to make an excuse here: in order to make it easier for myself to write music, I had to optimise the code in order to make that easy, and doing so sacrificed basically every coding convention that comes under the "good practice" category. In short, looking at the code might kill you or damage your brain. In shorter, "no". 2011 Update: YES!
Q: Why is it called Modern "Chiptunes"? These aren't Chiptunes...
A: You're right, they're "Modern" Chiptunes ;-P Perhaps purists will say I don't get what a "chiptune" is, but I would say that there are parallels between chiptunes and this album, in fact I would go as far as to say that I reckon chiptunes would be something like this if they used much more advanced microchips (such as my Celeron 1000, which incidentally was used to run the C programs). If that troubles you, think about it instead as "Modern Chip"-tunes. They're tunes made by modern chips. If you have any other complaints about the name "Modern Chiptunes", redirect them to my secretary. In Hell.
Q: Are you going to shut up now?
A: No.
Q: You aren't funny.
A: Not a question!
Q: What's with the numbers at the end of the song titles?
A: It's just an easy way to keep track of remixes without calling them things like "Automatic (Remix)", "Live Wire (Another Remix)", or "Fingerprint (Oh My God, Will He Stop Remixing it Already)".
Q: How come tracks 10, 11 and 12 are labelled as tracks A, B and C?
A: The tracks are numbered in hexadecimal. It makes them sound better. Honest.
Q: Most of these songs don't seem to end properly.
A: Try listening to them in order and without a pause in between. The songs run into one another, and I like it that way. And that also isn't a question.
Q: How "free" is Modern Chiptunes?
A: The copyright to this album belongs to me, but like most of my music, it is released under Creative Commons' "Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0" license. That basically means you can do whatever you like with it, provided:
  • You say I was the original author.
  • You don't use it for any commercial purposes.
  • Any derivative works created must be released under the same license.
  • You give me cookies.
And if you don't, I'll sue you! :P Naturally, I would love to hear about anything and everything you do with it. Also, if you want to do something not allowed by this license, feel free to contact me and we can sort something out.
For more information, see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0.
Q: I have another question!
A: Then would you please just ask it, instead of asking things that aren't questions, like "I have another question". Seriously, stop it. It's very unnerving.
Q: Are you going to shut up now?
A: Yes. 2013 Update: For those assembling the album from the source code, Lukasz B offers this LAME command to convert from the raw audio output:
lame foo.raw --bitwidth 16 --little-endian -s 44.1 -m s foo.mp3